Friday, November 30, 2007

“Martin Memorial Healthcast” to Provide Health Info on the Go for Multi-Taskers

Multi-tasking. Is it becoming a worn-out phrase or does it just wear us out? For me, it means sitting at my home computer writing a marketing plan while being peppered with questions from a 5th grader such as what’s the common factor of 48 (no, I’m not smarter than a 5th grader), meanwhile keeping an ear on the sound of the shower so at exactly 10 minutes I can yell to my teen: ‘don’t make a career out of taking a shower.’ By the way, dinner’s in the oven, the dog wants out and my cup of dark chocolate M & Ms is running low.

Multi-tasking means using the left and the right side of our brains at the same time. It’s texting with the zeal of a 14-year old at a school dance while in the drive thru at Starbucks. It’s answering a few of those daily voice mails while grocery shopping. No matter your version of multi-tasking, we’re all trying to be efficient with our time and accomplish more with less.

When we started this blog, we promised to help you prevent disease and live longer. We also know that sometimes you need health information in a to-go box. That’s why we created Martin Memorial Healthcast, a new weekly podcast premiering Dec. 3 that will deliver health information you can use in a voice file. Simply go to and click on Martin Memorial Healthcast, where you will find programs to help you get fit or prevent disease, all for downloading to your iPod or computer. Listen to Healthcast while doing one of those 100 million other things you do. Like refilling the cup with dark chocolate M & Ms.

--Lisa McCluskey
Director of Marketing Communications

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