Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happiness Recipe: Eat, Drink, Be Merry

I have spoken about the importance of what we eat and drink many times on this site, but it has occurred to me lately that being merry has a huge impact on how we feel. Finding joy in life, along with healthy food and exercise, equals a very powerful wellness triangle.

I recently had the pleasure of spending five days in Las Vegas with my best girlfriend, Louise, and our husbands to celebrate her 50th birthday. I have known Louise since we were 14-year-old high school freshmen. How did time pass so quickly?

Along the way, we have had a lot of laughs. While we have both had our share of tears – the loss of parents, job changes, family tragedies – it is the laughter that we remember most. We exercise and watch what we eat, both regular topics during our years of weekly telephone conversations. Having a buddy system for exercise and healthy eating is a plus and helps to ensure success.

But those laughs, that sense of joy that our friendship brings – how do you measure that? Now, as the four of us sat in a fabulous Las Vegas restaurant, borrowing each others’ reading glasses to study the menu, the years just melted away.

As my 50th birthday approaches I feel blessed, happy and content. I will continue to exercise and eat healthfully. I will be thankful for my health and the fact that I have made it to 50. And I will enjoy a laugh at every opportunity. If wrinkles come with the territory, I’ll take smile lines over frown lines any day.

--Rosemarie Lembo James, RD, CNSD, LD/N
Clinical Director of Nutrition Services


Anonymous said...

I loved this article! Very true to life! Live, Laugh, Love!

Anonymous said...

I simply cannot believe that Rosemarie Lembo-James is 50; My goodness doesn't she look marvelous?