Friday, September 11, 2009

Forever Young at 80-Plus, Thanks in Part to Staying Active and Physically Fit

Joe and Marie Varone have been married for 58 years and are “regulars” at Martin Memorial Health and Fitness South.

When the Varones retired to Stuart 23 years ago, they knew they wanted and needed to stay in shape. They led very active lives in New York. They both recall being active as children playing street games like kick the can and stick ball – and they are very quick to point out their battle scars from playing as children. As adults, Marie coached CYO basketball and baseball while Joe became a physical education educator in New York.

Their lives continue to be active. You’ll find them at least three to four times per week at our health and fitness center. Marie’s motivation for staying in shape at 80 years young is her children and grandchildren. You’ll also find Marie volunteering on Martin Memorial’s obstetrics floor, where she says she has the best job: “I get to play with the babies.” Marie says, “We may not be wealthy but we’re happy and healthy.”

Marie’s fitness regimen includes cardiovascular exercise on the stationary bike and treadmill along with a strength training routine using machines and free weights. She also plays golf three times per week.

At 83, Joe’s main motivation for keeping in shape is injury prevention and, as he puts it, “staying alive.” Joe’s fitness regimen includes lots of stretching, which he said has saved him from injuries, along with cardiovascular exercise on the stationary bike and treadmill, and strength training.

Both Marie and Joe urge everyone to remain active, to eat well and to see a doctor on a regular basis. Each urges us all to take advantage of our excellent medical system. Joe and Marie invite everyone to Martin Memorial Health and Fitness, and come join the fun and stay healthy!

--Jane Reynolds
Health and Fitness Technician
Hospital South Health and Fitness

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