Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Looking for a Physician in Martin or St. Lucie Counties? Call 1-800-DOCTORS

Finding a physician at Martin Memorial Health Systems has recently become much easier.

Martin Memorial is now utilizing the nationally recognized 1-800-DOCTORS number as its new consumer physician referral number. This number will make it easier for anyone looking for a quality doctor in Martin and St. Lucie counties – even if they live in another region or a different state. Visitors to the area can call 1-800-DOCTORS from wherever they live to find a physician before coming to the Treasure Coast. And family members of seasonal residents can seek a doctor for loved ones who may need medical care, even though they may be far away.

“We believe having this easy to remember phone number will benefit many residents in our community,” said Miguel Coty, vice president and chief marketing communications officer for Martin Memorial. “We have a seasonal population with individuals who may not be familiar with health care providers in the area. And people’s health care needs are always changing so by utilizing 1-800-DOCTORS, they can access valuable information quickly, easily and effectively.”

By dialing 1-800-DOCTORS callers are connected to a live representative who provides them with information about physicians available in their immediate area. That includes primary care physicians as well as specialists. Representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer questions and connect callers to a physician’s office to make an appointment.

The program is free and confidential for callers, who receive information about physicians who match their preferences and needs based on a recommendation from a local hospital most familiar with the doctor’s qualifications and credentials.

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