Wednesday, January 16, 2008

‘Total Cancer Care’ is Here

Each year, scientists and physicians find innovative technologies and treatments that improve cancer care.

Today, Martin Memorial announced that it will partner with Moffitt Cancer Center and M2Gen in an exciting new research project called Total Cancer Care. Moffitt and selected affiliates such as Martin Memorial are developing a research initiative to improve cancer prevention and treatment by using molecular technology to enhance the ability to diagnose and treat patients.

The goal of the program is to individualize cancer care by studying the molecular makeup of tumors. Currently, if a person comes in and is diagnosed with colon cancer, that person receives the same treatment as most everyone else who has colon cancer. It’s a kind of “one size fits all” treatment.

The Total Cancer Care project is looking to identify the genetic makeup of different kinds of tumors. That way, if a person comes in with colon cancer that has specific genetic codes, a physician can identify those and prescribe a treatment that has been shown to work specifically for that variety of colon cancer.

Through TCC, tumor tissues from thousands of patients across Florida will be collected and the biological markers unique to each tumor identified. Researchers will then analyze patients’ responses to specific treatments.

It is an exciting project to be a part of, and could help benefit patients from the Treasure Coast. The entire research staff at the Robert and Carol Weissman Cancer Center look forward to working with Martin Memorial staff physicians, the Moffitt Cancer Center and M2Gen, and members of our community in this thrilling new endeavor.

--Christina Cullinane
Clinical Research Coordinator of Total Cancer Care

For more on Total Cancer Care listen to Dr. Timothy Yeatman, M2Gen president and chief scientific officer, and Lee Moffitt, founder of the Moffitt Cancer Center, talk about the project on Martin Memorial Healthcast. The podcast will be available Jan. 21 by visiting

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