Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Breaking Diet Rules, Paying the Price

Sometimes half the fun of knowing the rules is breaking them.

In theory, I know the rules of healthy, nutritious eating: get plenty of fruits and vegetables, low on the carbs and fats, sugar’s a no-no, moderate alcohol consumption, reasonable portion sizes. In theory, you should get at least moderate exercise a few times each week, more if possible. In theory, I know that those rules should extend to vacation.

In theory.

But the rules went out the window when my wife and I went to my native Alaska earlier this month for a 10-day hiatus. I didn’t intentionally kick the rules to the side of the road, it just kind of happened.

And how could it not? There was salmon and beer-battered halibut. There were cinnamon rolls at Gwin’s Lodge – a tradition since childhood, shown below – and apple fritters from The Moose is Loose bakery, which was a new find. There was a mandatory trip to Sourdough Sal’s and the biggest Reuben this side of the Yukon. There was moose sausage and mom’s famous tacos (which have been called burritos by some infidels, but the inarguable fact is that they are big and laden with caloric goodness).

To top it off, there was little exercise to be found. We went on a couple short hikes, but the biggest heart-rate boost came from the fear of stumbling across the “rogue bears” that were rumored to be near.

Predictably, the results were not good. I have yet to torture a scale by getting on one, but judging the way my clothes are fitting (or not fitting) post-vacation would indicate I’ve gained some weight.

So consider this just one more warning as you make your way through summer plans – sometimes the rules are there for a reason. Here are a few suggestions that may help you lead a healthier vacation lifestyle.

Hope you have better luck than me.

--Scott Samples
Public Information Coordinator

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