Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Health News You Can’t Always Use

Part of my job is sitting at the computer, tooling around the Internet looking to see what’s going on in the world of health.

Some days, the reports and information that hit the news are downright fascinating. Like this blurb that appeared on today.

“Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman said swimming in Australian Outback waterfalls may promote fertility and might have contributed to her unexpected pregnancy over the past year.”

Seriously? Swimming around in magical Aussie waterfalls helps you get pregnant? Glad to see Hollywood once again is solving the mysteries of the scientific universe.

Here’s another one that showed up on

“Researchers are calling for warning labels on energy drinks. The drinks contain substantial amounts of caffeine, which could lead to symptoms associated with a caffeine overdose, including heart palpitations and insomnia. The energy drinks are marketed to adolescents, who haven’t developed a tolerance to caffeine.”

Does it come as anything of a shock to people that energy drinks contain caffeine? Lots of it? And really, will a warning label do much to convince people – especially kids – that they better not do it? People are still smoking cigarettes, right?

And finally, some good news for those exercisers who sweat a lot while they’re working out: you may have less chance of having exercise-induced asthma. According to a study that appeared in September issue of the journal Chest, researchers indicate that people who sweat less are at higher risk for exercise-induced asthma.

So don’t be afraid to drip on that treadmill – just make sure you clean it off when you’re done.

--Scott Samples
Public Information Coordinator

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