Friday, May 15, 2009

With Patients Recovering, Heart Team Prepares for the Long Journey Home

For two weeks in May, two members of the Ocala Heart Institute – which partners with Martin Memorial to provide open-heart surgery at the Frances Langford Heart Center – will be taking their life-saving skills to India.

Dr. Michael Crouch, a cardiothoracic surgeon, and Dale Ruby, who operates the heart-lung bypass machine at the heart center, will be part of a team providing heart surgery for patients who might not otherwise have access to the proper care.

During their trip, Dale and Dr. Crouch will periodically post blogs discussing their adventures.

May 15, 2009

Last e-mail from India, as we leave today. All four patients we operated on are doing well. We examined the patients in the ICU and looked at X-rays and lab results. The patients’ families are so grateful for our help.

It has been very rewarding but I am now excited to return home. Miraje is so isolated and far from any other major city. It will take us a long time to get back to Florida. The people here have few options for medical care outside of this town since the terrain is rugged. It would very difficult to transfer a patient to another medical center. That makes our time here even more valuable to the local community.

I look forward to being back at Martin Memorial next week.

Dale Ruby

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